Presentation of BigDataGrapes at the User-Centred Social Media (UCSM) series

While social media are in widespread use and many systems have been established in the commercial market, significant research gaps still exist with respect to analysing and understanding user behaviour when interacting with social media, both at the individual and the collective level. To address these challenges, interdisciplinary research efforts and new development approaches are needed, which combine methods from computer science, psychology and other fields such as sociology and economics in an integrated, synergistic manner.

Due to its orientation toward the user-centred aspects of social media, the Research Training Group (RTG) User-Centred Social Media (UCSM) focuses on computer science, information systems and psychology as the core disciplines for this interdisciplinary approach and organized a talk. 

At this talk that held on 1 October 2019 in Duisburg, Germany the BigDataGrapes project was presented.