Webinar on Field Monitoring with Geocledian’s Ag|knowledge API & Tools in the context of BigDataGrapes project

GEOCLEDIAN presented its global Near-Realtime Field Monitoring service “Ag|knowledge” and how to use it. They presented what kind of data and analytics they offer and how to access them and explained the usage of their API. Available tools to be presented were their EO web analytics tool “Analyst’s dashboard”, their QGIS plugin and available web visualization components.

This webinar is organized in the frame of the H2020 project BigDataGrapes (http://www.bigdatagrapes.eu/). Ag|knowledge is part of the project’s Big Data ecosystem and is used in the project to retrieve satellite data analytics for vineyards in several European countries. These data sets are connected in the project with all kinds of other data sources from the project partners, like yield, grape quality, or wine taste data. Prediction models and Precision Farming Practices were developed based on these data sets.

The video of the webinar is available here