BigDataGrapes Project Webinar on Field Monitoring

On May 29, 2019 at 14:00 CEST, the project will organize a webinar on Field Monitoring.

In particular, our partner GEOCLEDIAN will present its global Near-Realtime Field Monitoring service “Ag|knowledge” and how to use it. We will present what kind of data and analytics we offer and how to access them and explain the usage of our API. Available tools to be presented are our EO web analytics tool “Analyst’s dashboard”, our QGIS plugin and available web visualization components.

This webinar is organized in the frame of the H2020 project BigDataGrapes ( Ag|knowledge is part of the project’s Big Data ecosystem and is used in the project to retrieve satellite data analytics for vineyards in several European countries. These data sets are connected in the project with all kinds of other data sources from the project partners, like yield, grape quality, or wine taste data. Prediction models and Precision Farming Practices are developed based on these data sets.

The presenters of the webinar will be Dr. Florian Schlenz and Dimo Dimov.

Dr. Florian Schlenz: Having a strong research background in remote sensing, EO data analytics, vegetation & land surface modelling and computer science he works at Geocledian as  Software Architect designing IT systems that enable companies to efficiently make use of satellite information. He is also managing the Operations at Geocledian.

Dimo Dimov: He has a strong background in remote sensing, spatial analysis, machine learning and image processing. He works at Geocledian as a data scientist and Software Architect for Ag|knowledge.

You can subscribe to the webinar here