BigDataGrapes project successfully released its first Annual Report

The first Annual Report presents the BigDataGrapes project vision and ambition and summarises the project’s advancements achieved during the first year of its execution. Its target audience comprises representatives of external interested communities as well as the general public.

BigDataGrapes aspires to help European companies in the wine and natural cosmetics industries become more competitive in the international markets. Specifically, it tries to help companies across the grapevine-powered value chain ride the big data wave, supporting business decisions with real-time and cross-stream analysis of very large, diverse and multimodal data sources.

In particular, BigDataGrapes aims to improve the competitive positioning of companies in the European IT sector that are serving companies and organizations with software applications:

  • Software companies developing farm management and precision agriculture systems for companies in the agriculture sector.
  • Software companies developing food risk assessment monitoring and prediction systems for companies in the food sector.
  • Software companies developing quality control and compliance software for companies in the beauty and cosmetics sector.

To this end, the project develops, extends and provides the necessary specifications, mechanisms, fault-tolerant tools and components for allowing the rapid and intuitive development of variegating data analysis workflows, where the functionalities for data collection and storage, dataset creation, results visualization and deployment are provided by specialized services utilizing European large-scale, cloud-based infrastructures.

Thus, the first Annual Report establishes the main objectives of the BigDataGrapes project and summarizes the core outcomes of the four pilot communities represented in the project. Based on these two axes, the technical advancements achieved during the reporting period are contextualised and discussed at a high level. Finally, the report quotes the presentation of the foreseen next steps and the progress to be achieved during the upcoming second year of the project.

To learn more about the first Annual Report of the BigDataGrapes project, please check here