Presentation of the BigDataGrapes project at the 15th Conference of Agricultural Economy of Greece

As the interest for the development of the agricultural sector and rural areas in general is a common goal for those involved in agricultural economy and policy, the Conference of Agricultural Economy of Greece is the place where to present all the new possibilities in the field, created by today’s digital age.

This year, the 15th Conference of Agricultural Economy of Greece was held on 1-2 November, 2018, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Developments in technology such as easiest access to data and information, facilitation of communication, environmental awareness and transport development, lead to new unprecedented changes in the way in which agriculture is practiced internationally, while at the same time influencing rural development policies.

In this context, researchers from the private and public sectors and stakeholders of the agricultural sector were invited to present the results of their research. Also, important was the presence of new scientists and postgraduate students who attended the conference with presentations of research papers on relevant topics. The conference's purpose was to provide a bridge of communication and collaboration between the scientific and research area and other stakeholders involved in the field, thus contributing to the transfer of research data and know-how horizontally and vertically.

SYMBEEOSIS LONG LIVE LIFE S.A. participated in the conference and had the chance to present the BigDataGrapes project to different stakeholders during a 15-minute presentation on the second day of the conference. For more information regarding the event please check here .