Farm Management Pilot

Responsible Partners: ABACO – GEOCLEDIAN

Big Data Demonstrator 

Irrigation dashboard:

Pilot description 

The Farm Management Pilot aims to develop a unique system that satisfies the following needs:

  • A Farm Management system with all the functionalities to support the farmer in his day by day activities and gather data from the field
  • Hosting data from different sources with proper tools and functionalities for comparisons and easy data management
  • Data exchange. A “day by day” data producer, to feed the generated data into the other BDG components, and make use of the incoming information from the other BDG components.
  • Data visualization. The data related to the farmer should be displayed in a way that provides an added value and new insights to the farmer for his activities.


Two wine makers were identified as actors in this pilot. They will be involved in the pilot in two ways:


  • Their work will be supported by making the developed products and systems available to them. In addition to the farm management system itself, this includes sensors and measurements that will provide data as basis for decision support.
  • On the other hand, these actors can help in designing the new system by providing input and knowhow about their needs and activities. They can also give insights on how to disseminate results, approach and ideas of the BigDataGrapes Project.




At the two following pictures, the SITI4Farmer platform , the platform that is going to be used by the two Tuscany pilots winegrowers in order to load best practice data and to manage variable rate maps, is demonstrating.



Figure 1: it's shown a prescription map created on the base of NDVI and Soil maps data applying a cluster analysis in order to identify different management zones.



Figure 2: it's shown the mask of selection of different kinds of best practices.


Site Description

The pilot expects to involve 2 wineries, making them an active part of the project, collecting data from the field, in automatic and manual manners, and therefore contribute to the results. Both wineries are located in Tuscany, Italy and their names are:

  • Casato Prime Donne Circa
  • Cantina Il Palazzo


Expected Timeline

Tasks and operations related to the Farm Management Pilot will take place during the whole duration of the project both from Abaco and GEOCLEDIAN.

Envisaged Outcomes

In the frame of the pilot, GEOCLEDIAN will further develop their current data processing platform into a real Big Data Processing Platform that will allow the scalable production, provision & analysis of large-scale data sets.

The combination of satellite remote sensing data with in situ field & weather data will enable the following developments:


Data anomaly models to automatically detect interesting field events

Combined analysis tools for farm management relevant applications

Preparation of Management Zones Maps

Integration of VHR data and additional data sources together with data quality monitoring tools

New, grape-specific higher-level information products

User-specific Visualization of big data analytics that are relevant for the farmer


Abaco is going to make use of the output from GEOCLEDIAN, from sensors, and from the users of the system, to create knowledge maps and data systems to enable the connection of the culture quality with all the other variables. GEOCLEDIAN & Abaco will assess the added value of the developed products for the farmers and improve them with the farmers’ input.