Wine Making Pilot

Responsible Partner: INRAE


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Pilot description

The Wine Making Pilot is dedicated to research in the fields of viticulture and oenology with an integrated point of view that allows a transversal approach from the vineyard to the packaged final product.

The INRA’s experimental unit of Pech Rouge (UEPR) conducts research and technological experiments on:

  • Viticulture and the ecophysiology of the vine, with as a main issue a better knowledge and better control of grape quality.
  • Enology with, as major research axes, the expression of quality potential existing in the grapes and wines and the on-line monitoring and control of the alcoholic fermentation.
  • Technological processes with the aim to propose and study innovative technologies applicable to various steps of winemaking.
  • The valuation of coproducts, extraction of molecules and environmental impacts.

Site Description

The INRA Pech Rouge Experimental Unit is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.



Expected Timeline

Measurements related to the Wine Making pilot will take place during the whole duration of the project. In order to adapt crop varieties, crop management practices and modes of canopy dressing to the requirements of research, the vineyard of Pech Rouge will continuously be evolved. But, to achieve the goals of the pilot, the following tasks will be continuously performed:

  • Collecting existing data from various partners
  • Collecting information of fields, terrain, product quality
  • Measuring and monitoring field activities and winemaking activities

Envisaged Outcomes

Previous and on-going experimentation on Pech Rouge experimental Unit will provide a large-scale datasets about winemaking and the vine-grape-wine continuum. Those data and datasets will be benefit for:

  • The application and test of the BigDataGrapes solution
  • The validation of the BigDataGrapes components in real-life conditions and with complex dataset.

Pilot’s goal is also:

  • To have a device to improve data quality (correction) and make FAIR data
  • To have a better understanding of ‘How data from the field can affect the wine quality?’ and ‘How vine water status can affect the wine quality?’
  • To discovery knowledge in order to design new viticulture / vinification systems