The BigDataGrapes data marketplace is officially launched

The BigDataGrapes Data Marketplace is officially launched.   A data marketplace is a platform where users buy or sell different types of data sets and data streams from several sources. Data marketplaces are mostly cloud services where individuals or businesses upload data to the cloud. Those platforms enable self-service data access while ensuring security, consistency and high quality of data for both parties.

The main services of the BigDataGrapes data marketplace are:

  • Data catalogue services based on metadata
  • Data sharing services
  • Data enrichment services
  • Access to Open Data and Commercial Data
  • Selling data
  • Personal data space with favorite datasets and dataset card

Data discovery

The data marketplace provides access to millions of records of different data types. The data assets are updated daily and this means that the volume and the coverage is continuously growing.


How it works

The following figure depicts how the data marketplace is working by connecting the different actors that can benefit from data discovery and data sharing services.


Data Provider: Any public or private organization can share the metadata for all the data assets that it creates and/or processes.

Data Marketplace: The Data Marketplace is a data-catalogue that facilitates the discovery of the data assets from the grapevine and food industry.

Data Consumer: The user of the data marketplace can find and try any open or private data assets based on his/hers criteria.


Sharing data

Any corporate and public organisation that is producing and harvesting data assets can contribute them to the BigDataGrapes data marketplace. Using the BigDataGrapes technology any organization can share information about its data and transform the data assets into a revenue stream. The contribution workflow includes big data tools that help the data provider to enrich data and share them with all the users of the data marketplace.