Episode 7 - How can we predict a food recall before it happens?

Continuing the “Food Safety insights and lessons learned” through the mini video series of the BigDataGrapes project, we are moving into the dairy industry report in this video. Via the accumulation of data for the case of dairy products over the past decade, we are able to form a well-rounded opinion towards the origin of arising safety incidents and the sectors where they are perceived to recur over the years. As already mentioned in our previous video, we need to frequently update the prediction models by training them with new data. Focusing on the data of the past years, we can outline certain sectors that have been impacted exponentially. In short, the focal point of our food safety intelligence reports is to locate the cause of hazards and therefore outline emerging risks in the market.

In this episode, Giannis Stoitsis, CTO, and partner at Agroknow (Coordinator of the BigDataProjects), presents the way that we can use all the food safety historic data to predict issues in a very important sector of the supply chain such as the dairy industry.

These short video series are a part of the BigDataGrapes project. The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 780751.