Food Protection

Responsible Partner: Agroknow

Big Data Demonstrators

Price prediction demonstrator:

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Pilot description

Food protection, including safety and fraud, is one of the most critical parameters in food production highly affecting the food companies from the financial and brand point of view. Agroknow is providing a digital solution for the food industry that delivers trends and risk estimation for raw materials, ingredients and finished products. The solution is helping the Quality Assurance (QA) and Food Safety (FS) experts working in the food industry to identify risk in their supply chain. The current solution is limited to alarms, statistics, simple trends and search mechanisms.

Further, food protection pilot’s main objective is to enhance the current digital solution with new modules that will address further needs of the grape and wine supply chain. The enhancement will mainly focus on the further development of Agroknow’s Big Data platform with new software modules that will enable advanced data analysis and risk prediction using machine learning and deep learning methods.


Figure 1: Food Protection dashboard of FOODAKAI system

Specific Goals

The specific goals of the food protection pilot are:

  • To develop a software module that will be able to predict emerging and increasing risks for chemical hazards in the grapes and wines supply chain.
  • To develop a price prediction dashboard that will include algorithms able to predict the prices of agricultural products, including grapes.
  • To develop a food fraud dashboard that will help experts working in the food industry to perform an effective vulnerability assessment for products.

Expected Timeline

During the whole duration of the BigDataGrapes project, measurements related to the Food Protection will take place. The main focus on the first two years will be on the collection of big data, process and the analysis of them.


Figure 2: Food Protection Pilot's timeline

Envisaged Outcomes

The QA and FS experts that are working in the food industry, and specifically in the grape supply chain, will be able to identify early enough potential risks for their supply chain so they can take the required corrective measures and finally to prevent a food recall or a border rejection for their products. The risk prediction will cover food safety and fraud risks. An existing digital solution that is already provided by Agroknow to the food industry, will be further enhanced and exploited in several food sectors that are developing products based on grapes.