Presentation of the BigDataGrapes project at Seeds & Chips event 2019

Seeds&Chips - The Global Food Innovation Summit is the top Food Innovation event worldwide and will take place in Milano, Italy on 6-9 May 2019. Seeds&Chips is the largest international event solely dedicated to Food Innovation where startups, corporations, investors, chefs, HO.RE.CA. industry management, organizations, and policymakers can share and demo their latest groundbreaking food solutions, from farm to fork and beyond.

Presentation of BigDataGrapes project in an article entitled "How big data helps winemakers to produce better wine".

On 22th of February 2019, the BigDataGrapes project was presented in an article entitled "How big data helps winemakers to produce better wine".

This article deals with the fact that climate change is changing maturing processes and confronting winemakers with the challenge of producing high quality and sustainable wine. Also, it is highlighted that data revolution can help to address this problem by helping to improve tomorrow's wine and guarantee its survival.

Organization of the BigDataGrapes workshop on “Big Data for the Grapevine Industries”

A one-day workshop on how ICT and big data science development can potentially provide innovative and more effective ways to support the grapevine industry dealing with extremely large and heterogeneous data flows will be organized by the BigDataGrapes project consortium in collaboration with the Viticulture and Enology course by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Pisa on 8 March 2019 in Pisa, Italy.

Presentation of BigDataGrapes at the User-Centred Social Media (UCSM) series

While social media are in widespread use and many systems have been established in the commercial market, significant research gaps still exist with respect to analysing and understanding user behaviour when interacting with social media, both at the individual and the collective level. To address these challenges, interdisciplinary research efforts and new development approaches are needed, which combine methods from computer science, psychology and other fields such as sociology and economics in an integrated, synergistic manner.