BigDataGrapes aims to help European companies in the wine and natural cosmetics industries become more competitive in the international markets. It specifically tries to help companies across the grapevine-powered value chain ride the big data wave, supporting business decisions with real time and cross-stream analysis of very large, diverse and multimodal data sources. The project involves the following types of commercial partners of the European grapevine-powered industries:

Wine producers, bottlers and distributors that are managing large vineyards and are taking critical decisions that may affect (a) product lines, such as which grape varieties to combine and plant at which location and under which treatment in order to produce a new wine; or (b) production years, such as how to efficiently monitor and predict where careful vineyard management interventions should take place.

Producers and packagers of food and wine products using grape by-products as ingredients (such as raisins, must, vinegar and grape juice) and that are continuously monitoring the quality of their product and assessing its vulnerability to risk.

Natural cosmetic companies that have product lines based on grapes and wine that are continuously testing the quality of the grape extracts that they are using as ingredients and the corresponding suppliers.

BigDataGrapes also aims to improve the competitive positioning of companies in the European IT sector that are serving companies and organisations with software applications:

  • Software companies developing farm management and precision agriculture systems for companies in the agriculture sector.

  • Software companies developing food risk assessment monitoring and prediction systems for companies in the food sector.

  • Software companies developing quality control and compliance software for companies in the beauty and cosmetics sector.